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Help! I can't access my website.

All web servers are under attack 24x7.  Presently it is common for servers to experience as many as 1000 hack attempts each day.


Rather than sit and wait for one to succeed, our servers have software in place which automatically blocks the IP address if someone has more than 5 unsuccessful logins.


Although it is a very useful system, sometimes clients or their webmasters doing legitimate work temporarily get blocked after several failed logins.  Should this happen to you, just call us or open a support ticket and we will immediately "safelist" your IP address.  This will restore your location's access to your website(s) and help prevent it from happening again.  Please rest assured that if you or your webmaster are blocked that your site is still accessible to the rest of the world.


To find your IP address, just go to Be sure to include the number shown when you contact us.