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Problem sending mail using HORDE or SQUIRREL webmail

If your account is hosted on one of our Linux servers and you receive an authentication error when trying to send mail when logged into either HORDE or SQUIRREL mail, you may need to reset your mail password.

To do so, go to and remember to substitute YOUR DOMAIN NAME in place of  If you are not the account owner, be sure to ask your manager, IT coordinator or whomever has administrative control over your website. Once logged in to the control panel, click on EMAIL ACCOUNTS.  Scroll down to the bottom and locate where your mailbox is listed.  To the right will be the CHANGE PASSWORD option.  Go ahead and retype the password and make sure you receive a success message, otherwise hit the browser's back button and try again.

Once this is done you will be able to send mail using either HORDE or SQUIRREL mail.